Private Lessons

Learn in your home or while exploring museums and other educational  public spaces.Instruction for kids and young adults in:


      -Manga is a popular request at the moment.


     -Acrylic paints are a great non-toxic medium to explore.

Beginning Digital Photography & Photo Editing 

    -Learn Camera & lens basics as well as Adobe Lightroom for editing.

Adobe Photoshop 

      -Great tool for adding something special to School projects as well   

        as creating their own birthday invitations etc.

Ph: 971-319-5355 to schedule.

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Inspire Self-Advocacy

Kids love a process that allows them to explore and express in a playful manner. A creative mentor can co+create purposeful play/ maker activities and experiences alongside your child. This allows your child or young adult to draw their own conclusions by encouraging conversations around situations they are learning to navigate. 


Encourage Reflection

A creative mentor, knows the right questions to ask and explores ways of addressing these questions alongside your child. Children recognize when change is needed, but may be unable to identify precisely what that change is. Kids love a process that allows them to explore and express in a playful manner.

Creative Mentoring

My process includes developing creative and artful-maker activities which:

• Nurture Imagination as the core to creative & social development.

• Guide youth toward emotional empowerment. 

• Enable youth to question the world around them.

• Create inspired dialogues. 

• Introduce creative problem-solving skills

• Gain self-awareness. 

• Develop opportunities to make decisions necessary to create personal change.  

* Please note, the exact process I will use is dependent upon your child and their needs/ interests. After we have discussed your goals, I will create an individualized plan of action.

I believe we would all welcome something therapeutic into our lives. I offer Art-Infused Creative Mentoring and Wellness Coaching for kids.

There are indeed many circumstances that warrant a dedicated therapist. I would in no way dismiss or suggest otherwise, to someone who feels that they or their child would benefit from/need the help of a therapist. 

Sometimes however, a so-called "regular life" can cause changes in how your child or young adult are perceiving their world. Things like: changing schools/changes in friendships; a parents divorce/new partner… Some of these events, although common in our society, are new and perhaps a little frightening to the novice. 

When kids find they are unable to verbalize internal issues and in turn unable to express themselves or address their concerns, parents can find themselves confronted with confusing or unfamiliar behavior. Children need a helping hand when managing real or imagined worries about themselves, their families or even “monsters under the bed." 

Trying to navigate their day to day lives with evolving opinions and changes happening constantly, can result in your child or young adult having trouble finding an unbiased and trusted someone with whom to navigate these new thoughts, feelings and ideas.  

Here is where I may be of help to you: 

(I have just relocated to Portland, Oregon May 2019)

  • If you live near Portland, Oregon:    I offer sessions tailored to an individual or small group: I will conduct age-appropriate “hang-outs” and activities upon which to build a safe space for your child/young adult to become comfortable with ways of navigating these new challenges. I will guide them toward finding resolutions themselves or find means of exploring/ investigating new ideas to spark their interests or alleviate their concerns. 

  • If you are remote: I can offer guidance and brainstorming solutions to get you started on a plan of action. 

               * Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.