"Dream Traveler’s Journal & Parent Guide are ripe for new ideas, problem solving, understanding and developing creativity. Dreams are a gift that bring new learnings 

and curiosity. The power of dreams is a rich and novel way to share and be together. 

I recommend Dream Traveler for all children including those still residing within ourselves."   

~ Helene Pine, PhD. Educator, Marriage/Family Therapist and Parenting Coach

"As an educational consultant/coach, I plan to recommend Dream Traveler to professionals and individuals with children. The concept, text and illustrations are so impressive. It would also make a wonderful gift!"

~ Elyse Gilbert,  Educational Consultant

"We all know that children have soaring imaginations about fairy tales and dream lands, but such colorful minds also face a battle of fear of darkness or scary monsters under their bed at night. This story telling model helps children conquor their fear of all the scary creatures that sleep beneath their beds in a playful and enlightening way. If you want to help guide your child toward self-empowerment then this is the way to go!" 

~ Sandra R., Graphic Designer + Auntie