Playful Exchange™  is best perceived as a steady collaboration of  Co-Creating authentic & playful dialogues. When we join in activities kids love, we generate meaningful exchanges enabling us to establish solid foundations of trust.

Creative & Social Development :

• Introduce creative problem-solving skills. 

• Create opportunities to nurture Imagination.

• Enable kids to question the world around them.

• Introduce youth to Emotional Empowerment (SEL). 

The Playful Exchange™ process created by Jillian Suzanne M.A., seeks to  guide children toward emotional empowerment, self-regulation and self-advocation. 

With a history spanning years of multiple creative disciplines in the Arts & Entertainment industries, Jillian draws upon her rich experience to facilitate imaginative project based activities. 

Playful Exchange sessions can be designed to include; Drawing, Digital Photography/Editing, Painting, and Crafts  and are taught in a manner which encourages Social Emotional Learning alongside Creative & Mindful Expression. 

Sessions are tailored to an individual or small groups creative interests.



-  Process & Excercises

-  Creative Problem Solving

-  Self-Advocacy

-  Communicative solutions

Playful Exchange™ is a process utilizing Purposeful Play & the Art of Deeply Noticing.