The Playful Exchange Company


A Playful Exchange, is best perceived as a steady collaboration of  Co-Creating authentic & playful dialogues. When we join in activities kids love, we generate meaningful exchanges enabling us to establish solid foundations of trust to build upon.

The Playful Exchange™ process created by Jillian Suzanne M.A., seeks to create inspiring and encouraging dialogues, which develop the practice of listening and deeply noticing. The purpose of this is to guide children toward emotional empowerment, self regulation and self advocation. Most philosophies around this type of learning are rooted in Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). 

With a background spanning multiple creative disciplines in the arts, after receiving my BFA from Art Center College of Design, I draw upon this history to facilitate imaginative project based activities. I tailor to an individuals/ small groups creative interests and have conducted classes which include; painting, photography and the digital arts. I recently completed my MA at the Rhode Island School of Design in Teaching + Learning in Art + Design, to further pursue this desire to bring my creativity out of the studio and into the community.

Starter Kit

Our first starter tool-kit of creative opportunities for battling nightmares begins with Dream Traveler, built with these practices in mind. 

Here at The Playful Exchange™ our goal to inspire/guide kids toward empowerment, by developing activities and tools which:

• Create opportunities to make decisions necessary to create personal change.  

• Create an inspired dialogue 

• Introduce youth to Emotional Literacy (SEL). 

• Encourage the practice of listening & Deeply Noticing.

• Guide youth toward emotional empowerment.

• Enable youth to question the world around them.

• Introduce creative problem-solving skills as a means to gain self-awareness. 

• Nurture “Imagination” as the core to creative & social development

• Work with Special Needs organizations to help them use our program.

Developing Skills



-  Process & Excercises

-  Creative Problem Solving

-  Self-Advocacy

-  Communicative solutions

Playful Exchange Systems


The Playful Exchange™ is a patent pending process utilizing Purposeful Play, Gamification and the Art of Deeply Noticing.  

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