What's included

When I began helping some children cope with their nighttime anxieties, parents started to express; "I wish I could do what you do, but I'm not that creative. 

I thought to myself, how can I help?

I went to work designing a bedtime ritual with mindful activities that would enable the child to take control of their own stories, reframe perceptions and learn to battle nightmares. 

With the means to co+create bedtime stories together with your child, the Dream Traveler ready-to-use tool-kit includes: 

•A Parent Guide

•Dream Journal (with activity pages) 

•10 Story Prompt Cards

•Dream Collectors Amulet Bag  

Our Activities Dream Journal is filled with mindful visualization exercises and prompts (to assist and inspire story conception). 

Sludges NorQ~hammer is Dream Travelers kind-hearted expert and the accidental cause of the "Monster Under the Bed legend". In an effort to make things right, Sludges NorQ~hammer has dedicated himself to helping children battle nightmares. Through Sludges, children are taught to reframe perspectives, breathe, focus, and recognize how to be aware of their bodies, thoughts, and responses.

Dream Journal Activity Pages Cover: 

• What About Nightmares & Scary Dreams?

• The Dream Amulet

• Getting Ready to Dream

• Creating our Story

• Whoops Accident

Our Parent Guide walks you through our process by breaking down the focus, intent and purpose behind each page, exercise and activity found in the Dream Journal, so you can participate alongside with your child.

Tips include topics such as: 

1. Leveling The Playing Field

2. Co-Creating + Co-municating

3. Keeping The Well From Running Dry

4. Being Adventurous + Being Patient 

5. Permission To Fail 

6. Helpful Prompt-Conversation Starters 


How it works

A meaningful dialog, guised within a fantastical story can cover countless topics of concern as they flow in and out of an experience fashioned around purposeful play.

Think of Dream Traveler as a bedtime story you and your child create together. Using mental visualization exercises and prompts to assist and inspire story conception; children are taught to reframe perspectives, breathe, focus, and recognize how to be aware of their bodies, thoughts, and responses. These key ideas represent my vision of connectivity/Deeply Noticing, each facilitates meaningful exchanges that allow youth to enhance their emotional literacy and become active contributors within their learning experiences. 

Sometimes children may find that they are unable to verbalize internal issues and in turn unable to express themselves or address their concerns. Examples of these situations may be; feelings of fear or anxiety or of not being heard, listened to or believed. 

Children need a helping hand when managing real or imagined worries about themselves, their families or even “monsters”. Using the Dream Traveler Journal, Storytelling cards and Parents Guide will make it easy to create stories and playful exchanges with the children in your care. 

Dream Traveler™ is our 1st “tool-box” of opportunities, designed to engage audiences age 5 and up, by exploring the world of dreams as an entry point to initiate dialogue. Dream Traveler helps create a safe space of comfortable & playful exchanges between dreamers of all kinds. 

Designed To:

• Enhance emotional literacy.

• Facilitate Creative opportunities

• Utilize art, imagination and personal story.

• Engage kids as they participate in solo or social play.

• Be conscious of inclusion across a spectrum of learners.

• Assist communication with challenging concerns.

Children love a process that allows them to explore and express themselves in a manner that is playful. The goal of Dream Traveler is to facilitate and encourage conversations with children around situations they experience, or may find themselves in.  

Need ideas getting started? Check out our videos and tips:

Quick Start Tips

Our Kickstarter Campaign

Dream Traveler™ our first "tool-box" using  The Playful Exchange™ process, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May 2018. Dream traveler is designed as a story development conversation model which explores the world of dreams as an entry 

point to initiate dialogue. The tools found in Dream Traveler help create a safe-space

 of comfortable playful exchanges between dreamers of all kinds.