The Playful Exchange™ • Wellness Coaching for Kids

How can a wellness coach help your child?

Encourage Reflection


A wellness coach, knows the right questions to ask. This 

allows your child/young adult to draw their own conclusions by encouraging conversations around situations they experience/ find themselves in. A wellness coach explores  ways of addressing these questions alongside your child.

Inspire Self-Advocacy


Children recognize when change is needed, but may be unable to identify precisely what that change is. Kids love a process 

that allows them to explore and express in a playful manner. 

A wellness coach can co+create purposeful play experiences alongside your child.

The Playful Exchange™


Engage Social Emotional Learning.

  • Enhance emotional literacy
  • Facilitate Creative opportunities
  • Engage kids with a playful approach

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Dream Traveler™ Tool-kit


Explore the world of dreams alongside your child.

  • Assist Communication 
  • Address challenging concerns 
  • Utilize art, imagination & personal story