Exploring my painting, I've always been envious of Mary Poppins! Click image for more of my art.

Dear Caregivers, Educators, Family and Friends,  Thank you for looking at our new program for children . . . of all ages. It is my hope that you will see the unique bonding experience and special advantages The Playful Exchange process and its wonderful tools will offer to your children and family.

Warm Wishes,  Jillian Suzanne


Jillian Suzanne is a Creative Professional and Educator. She received a Masters of Art (Teaching + Learning in Art + Design) from The Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.


Prior to study at RISD, Jillian has worked in Children Book Illustration, Fine Art, Photography, and Creative Project Management within commercial and film industries. *View her other Art Works at www.jilliansuzanne.com

With a passion for Visual Arts, Storytelling and Purposeful Play, this recently dubbed "Child Whisperer," weaves a special connection with dreamers of all ages. 

In a desire to create support materials for parents, educators and other professionals who wish to become facilitators themselves, Jillian has been developing unique methods + tools to connect and co-create with children on their level.

She has also been described as a "mischievous Mary Poppins" who loves to disrupt-disruption, positively! Jillian is a firm believer that all children should be "seen and heard"... Often!